EIFS Dryvit Stucco

EIFS Dryvit Stucco

Geiser Construction has over 15 years experience installing EIFS.  EIFS is an acronym for Exterior Insulation and Finish System.  We are certified to install Dryvit, STO and Senergy EIFS systems.  Click here for more information on Dryvit.

We also install 3/4" portland cement stucco.  We use a 3 coat method (scratch, brown and a finish coat) over 3.4lb galvanized metal lath.  This is what is known as traditional stucco.  It is an extremely durable product and can last for the life of a home if installed correctly and maintained properly.

Dryvit's Brick Pattern EIFS.  

We used templates and custom finishing techniques to create an EIFS system that resembles 90 year old brick.  


Decorative Accents  Nebraska Firefighters Museum - Kearney 

Dryvit is used here to simulate the look of garage doors.  EIFS can be layered, cut and shaped  
in many different ways to decorate a building or home.
Colors:  Monastery Brown and custom match of Sherwin Williams French Roast

Custom Homes
Dryvit finishes complement the stone at the entry to this home.    
Color:  Buckskin

Dryvit is available in a wide range of colors.   Qdoba - Kearney Nebraska 

Most projects are finished in earth tones, but we have applied many colors of finish including blues, reds, yellows and even purple.
Finishes were custom matched to Sherwin Williams colorst


Residential Remodel 

We replaced the existing siding on this home with new EIFS.  Adding EIFS to a wall will provide an additional 3.75 R-value per inch of insulation board used.  We used 1.5" insulation on this home giving the wall an R-value of 5.625 of additional insulation.We also used layers of insulation board with grooves and bands to create shutters at each window.  The shutters were then coated with Dryvit Genesis basecoat and mesh and finished with a colored finish to accent the walls.
Colors:  Irish Coffee, Amarillo White 


The Tassel Holdrege Nebraska 

We used horizontal and vertical grooves on this project to simulate the appearance of large stone blocks.
Color: Honey Twist.


Private residence Central Nebraska 

Color:  King's Gray with custom white window accents 
Caulk:  Spectrem 3 - White and  Dow Corning 795 custom gray